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Cataract surgery

ONOME Eye Clinic

Debrecen - Hungary

Cataract surgery
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Dr. Peter Emeriewen
contactlens specialist


3 Kossuth utca
Debrecen - Hungary
(at the center of the city)


Phone: +36 20-9-448-475


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Onome Eye Clinic - Debrecen - Hungary


Peter Emeriewen, M.D.

The Onome Eye clinic team is led by Dr. Peter Emeriewen the founder and clinical director and Professor Laszlo Modis world renowned corneal surgeon.

Dr. Peter Emeriewen graduated from the University of Debrecen in 1982. Since his graduation has worked extensively in the field of the diseases of the eye, in Africa and Europe. He is a contactlens specialist and Ophthalmologist surgeon.

The Onome Eye clinic in conjunction with the University of Debrecen eye clinic operates as a team with the latest surgical instruments in ophthalmology.